10 Questions With Lisa Rinna

We caught up with the former Real Housewife before the British Fashion Awards.

It’s safe to say we’re in a Lisa Rinna renaissance at the moment but she’s been here all along, amassing an empire. The multi-hyphenate has written multiple books, founded several companies, had plenty of acting roles over the last few decades, and oh, was a Real Housewife for a bit too. The newest role to add to her ever growing resume? Jet setting fashion icon. Case in point just two days ago she was at the Balenciaga show in Los Angeles, debuting her new platinum blonde hair. And today? Sitting in a hotel room in London, getting ready for the British Fashion Awards, where she’s wearing custom Chet Lo with her hair dyed an inky shade to match. You’d think she would be suffering from jet lag but she’s ready to go, especially with her secret weapon. Read on to find out what it is, the best decision she’s made this year, and why you might have been pronouncing her name wrong all along.

10USA: OMG are you Lisa R[ea]nna?

Lisa: I am Lisa R[ea]nna.

10USA: What are you doing here in London?

Lisa: Well I happen to be here for the British Fashion Awards.

10USA: As an artist who’s constantly traveling between different time zones, what’s your secret weapon to deal with jetlag?

Lisa: I’ll show you come here. I have it right with me. This (a Torch’d CBD mask), my friend, is my secret for jetlag.

10USA: Is there any beauty product that you can’t live without?

Lisa: Rinna Beauty! I love my Rinna Beau Lip kits because they’re so easy. And today I am wearing the shade Mrs Hamlin.

10USA: What’s the favorite thing you like about London?

Lisa: I love London but I love the people (more).

10USA: Earl Grey or English breakfast?

Lisa: English breakfast.

10USA: What’s the best decision you’ve made in 2023?

Lisa: Leaving Housewives [‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’] (cheerful dance).

10USA: Is it too early to share with us your new year’s wish?

Lisa: I’m not gonna tell you ha!

10USA: What’s the song you’ve been listening to on repeat?

Lisa: Houdini!

10USA: Last question, how do you feel about the weather?

Lisa: I love the weather. It feels very Christmas-y here in London.

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