10 Things You Might Have Missed This Week: Cartier’s Star-Filled Trinity Campaign

Plus Cecile Bahnsen offers made-to-order and Courrèges’ Holy bag.

Emails are thankfully quiet today because everyone is currently OOO for Good Friday? Perfect chance to catch up on everything you missed this week! First up, Cartier’s celebrity-filled Trinity campaign that hits every fandom across the globe whether you’re thirsting after Internet Boyfriend Paul Mescal, consider yourself a Blink-slash-Jisoo fan, or prefer the quiet elegance of Yara Shahidi. Speaking of campaigns, two handbag ones also dropped this week with the likes of Bottega Veneta’s Andiamo canvas-and-leather bag (made for spring and summer travels!) and the perfectly named Courrèges Holy bag. And for those who are looking to add something special to their closet, Scandi-favorite Cecilie Bahnsen announced they’d be offering made-to-order services — just in time for wedding season.

Bottega Veneta Says Andiamo! 

Given that Mattieu Blazy’s spring summer 2024 runway show was inspired by traveling, it’s no surprise that their newest bag is equally ready to go. As the latest addition to their Andiamo line (the name literally translates to let’s go in Italian), the washed Bristol leather and canvas style is made for wherever your next holiday takes you. Featuring a calfskin that undergoes a unique aging, washing, and manual brushing process as well as a durable fabric body, the tote is meant to be worn and loved. Topped off with the design’s signature metal knot, you can find it in both a small or large style. If that’s not compelling enough, Liu Wen’s campaign set against the sea is enough to make us wish we were beachside, Andiamo in hand.

A Coffee Table Book Worthy of Your Collection: Grace Wales Bonner’s Dream in the Rhythm

All eyes may be on the Whitney Biennial at the moment but if you’re looking for another art show to check out, Grace Wales Bonner’s exhibition at the MoMA is not to be missed. Called Artist’s Choice: Grace Wales Bonner—Spirit Movers, it’s set to end on April 7. Featuring a selection of nearly 40 artworks from the museum’s archives that explore sound, movement, and style across the African diaspora and beyond. Artists like Terry Adkins, Moustapha Dimé, Man Ray, and more are interconnected through her vision and musings. Can’t make it there in time? The accompanying book captures the essence of the designer’s intention for the exhibit. Titled Grace Wales Bonner: Dream in the Rhythm—Visions of Sound and Spirit, the 184 page tome spans art, photography, poetry, music, performance and more. You’ll find pieces by Henri-Luc Bresson, Steve McQueen, Wolfgang Tillamns juxtaposed against text by Black authors like Langston Hughes, Jean Toomer, Ishmael Reed, and more. Find it here.

Cecilie Bahnsen Offers Made-to-Order Services

Have you ever found yourself wanting a Cecilie Bahnsen dress only to find that it was from a prior season and no longer available? Well, you’re in luck — the brand announced that it will do made-to-order for their fanciful, feminine designs. Bahnsen will offer the service across three categories: runway, bridal, and archive. For brides looking for an unconventional dress, the brand will have a curated edit of archival pieces as well as seasonal styles, veils, bows, and underskirts. If you’re more of a straight-from-the-catwalk type of shopper, you’ll be able to order from a select group looks immediately after the show and they’ll be created with bespoke fabrics and feature intricate details and elaborate constructions. And finally for those who missed the boat, the archive will have certain silhouettes made from leftover fabrics. These will be limited and only available as long as the fabric lasts. Interested? The process begins with a proposal from the atelier and then you’ll have a private appointment either virtually or physically in Copenhagen before getting your look in 8-12 weeks.

Courrèges introduces the Holy Bag Campaign

This week is considered Holy Week for those of certain religious faiths but for Courrèges, the term takes on a different meaning as it also happens to be the same week that their aptly named Holy bag launched. Artistic director Nicolas Di Felice went back into the house’s archives and reworked a style for modern day needs. Built from a circle-shaped handle, the name actually doesn’t have to do with spirituality but more so the holistic aesthetic that Di Felice has embodied in his collections at the luxury brand. The shape also takes double duty, as it’s an emblem of the House geometry that represents the principles of symmetry and craftsmanship. The accompanying campaign features images by Drew Vickers, highlighting models clad in black-and-white — the ideal accessory for the minimalist on the go. Shop it here.

Loewe’s Spelling Bee is One Confusing, Hilarious Time

Correctly pronouncing Loewe could be a smug, snooty way to put someone in their place but in the hands of Jonathan Anderson, it turns into a wink wink nudge nudge comedic affair that welcomes everyone. After a series of campaigns that play on how to correctly say the name, they decided to flip the concept in Decades of Confusion. This time the task at hand is how to spell Loewe, courtesy of a hilarious spelling bee starring friends of the brand. Dan Levy plays the unwitting judge to Aubrey Plaza’s array of contestants, all of whom are here to wreak havoc. Set from 1971 to present day the two wear Loewe, paired with an impressive set of wigs. For Plaza it also means a transformation from a 70s curtain banged contestant to a glam 80s woman to a 90s Texan socialite with Amazona bag in hand. To end, she wears the iconic car-shaped dress, as a nod to modern day. Watch the entire video here. Now, how do we get them to headline a deadpan buddy comedy ?

Cartier’s Star Studded Trinity Campaign Drops

If you thought launching special jewelry pieces as well as handbags for the 100th anniversary of the Cartier Trinity was going to be the end of the brand’s celebrations, you’d be wrong. This week they dropped their campaign and it’s about as celebrity-filled as you’d expect for a brand that counts the likes of Blackpink’s Jisoo and Yara Shahidi among their ambassadors. In addition to those two, the likes of Paul Mescal, Jackson Wang, and Labrinth join to form quite possibly the most stacked ad you’ll see all season. It’s fitting given that the pieces are meant to be a symbol of unity and diversity. Wish you were a fly on the wall for the behind-the-scenes conversations of this bunch? Well, there’s an accompanying short film and soundtrack from Labrinth — a close second in terms of experience we’d say.

Balenciaga New Ads are a Family Affair

Creative minds like to surround themselves with a select few who nurture their ideas and Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia is no different. For the brand’s spring summer 2024 collection, the designer opted for a mix of models and those among his inner circle with his mother, Ella, serving to open the show. So naturally what else would be the best way to illustrate the new line than by featuring his community in the accompanying ad campaign? Ella makes an appearance as does his husband, the musician BFRND. Also in the cast are his former professor Linda Loppa, artist Eliza Douglas, actress Renata Litvinova among others. Shot by fine art photographer Jitka Hazlová against a seamless background that’s been printed with to-scale imagery, the trompe l’oeil effect suggests halls, ballrooms, and foyers of mansions. The trippy illusions are designed to question the idea of luxury, especially when they’re dismantled. In case that’s not immediately evident, there’s a corresponding video where all of these backdrops get taken down or the model reveals the sleight of hand — a fitting way to highlight Demna’s penchant for more than meets the eye design.

DKNY Celebrates the Heart of New York

Milton Glaser’s I Love New York might be the most New York visual but a close second? DKNY’s billboards that could be seen all over Soho during the nineties and early aughts. So it only makes sense that the latest capsule collection, The Heart of NY, is the best of both worlds. Kaia Gerber, the brand’s current face, makes a return modeling a range of streetwear and sports-inspired styles including varsity jackets, utility vests, bomber jackets, and bomber hats. The recognizable heart graphic makes an appearance, as does the DKNY logo, popping up on tees. If you’re feeling the same nostalgia, the entire collection is ready to shop now.

COS Stages a Rome Show

After jaunting to Paris and New York for their last two runway shows, COS headed to the Eternal City for their spring 2024 mainline and Atelier collections. Set at the Corsie Sistine, part of a 15th century hospital, the presentation featured a front row with the likes of Pamela Anderson, Caro Daur, Aisha Dee, and others. Set against 13,000 square feet of frescoes, the brand created a contemporary walled structure made from recycled voile, highlighting the contrast between modernity and classicism that was also reflected in the clothes. Speaking of these clothes, they were ideal for warm weather with delicate transparent fabrics and voluminous silhouettes mixed with tailoring. Highlights include off-the-shoulder tops, wide-legged trousers in addition to fishtail skirts and elongated jackets and knits. As always the colors were the usual palette of neutrals like black, white, and sand but there were also moments of bright color in the form of red tones. Consider this as an easy way to supplement your warm weather wardrobe with pieces that you don’t feel bad about sweating through. Select styles are available now while the Atelier pieces will hit from April onwards.

Chanel’s Ode to New Wave Cinema

In the 1966 New Wave movie A Man and a Woman Anouk Aimée finds herself in a complicated romance. Set both in Paris and Deauville, the film budget was so small that Aimée wound up using her own clothes and accessories for her wardrobe, including a Chanel handbag. And considering that Deauville also happens to be where Coco Chanel opened up a hat boutique bearing her name as well as where she presented her first Haute Couture creations, A Man and a Woman is the perfect jumping point for Chanel’s latest campaign. Inez and Vinoodh recreate arguably the most pivotal scene, where Aimée asks “Sorry, do you have any rooms available?” In her stead, Penélope Cruz becomes the protagonist with Brad Pitt as her love interest. The bag this time, instead of being the actress’ own, is a classic Chanel style. Cruz caresses it as the characters embody their love affair, symbolizing her desire for Pitt as well as ours for the handbag. See the short film here.

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