Area: Ready-To-Wear AW22

Area 04 navigates avenues of ancient architecture, worship, and fetishism for its see now, buy now collection that debuted at New York Fashion Week yesterday. Anthropomorphized through shape, construction and Area’s signature extravagant embellishments, Rings Of Power-like looks all in sculpted, chiselled silk-wool, silk-duchesse and Japanese selvage denim adorned models with Cleopatra-like grace. The Avant-garde mingled with modern wearability manifesting exoskeleton-like, crinoline dresses covered entirely in horns that were like gothic porcupines animated by fashion, and eyewear that looked like spiky bedazzled bows – they were actually 24K gold & Swarovski headpieces – that felt reminiscent of antiquated pyramids in the dessert.

Looking at German-author Wenzel Jamnitzer’s book of perspective drawings of polyhedra, ‘Perspectiva Corporum Regularium’, designers Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg rendered 3D-printed cones that were hand-set with hundreds of Swarovski crystals and resembled unicorn or triceratops horns. They seemed aggressive and utterly offensive, yet beautiful, evoking the spirit of punk fetishism.

Leaning into this fascination with fetishism further, the design duo looked at the work of German artist Cora Korsett and were inspired to create folded bondage bows that juxtapose the extremes of BDSM with the classic femininity of bows. Bird-cage corset structures hosted a slew of scattered folded bows, and later, metal ribbons encrusted with rhinestones that enveloped the body. And, crafted from cascading rainbow ombré crystals, airbrushed headpieces appeared in a celebration of queerness.

It’s worth noting too, that an Area x Sergio Rossi capsule, set to truly debut in February, was teased throughout, hiding under eccentric gowns and vying for sky-high glamour with four different high heeled sandals and flats to boot.

Photography courtesy of Area.

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