Armani Privé: Couture AW23

The rose took centre stage in a hyper-elegant Armani Privé show devoted to symbolism. “Now more than ever, roses are a timely symbol because they stand for elegance and grace and bring beauty into the world we’re living in,” Giorgio Armani said. “Also, roses have thorns, therefore they are delicate as much as they are sturdy. That’s why I think they are the perfect flower for the moment we’re living: beauty can save us, but we also need to be strong.” Interpreted through Armani’s exquisite haute couture, roses graced almost every look in every imaginable savoir-faire expression. They adorned silhouettes faintly informed by the couturier’s beloved Far East. “A period in history that holds a particular fascination for me is the moment when oriental Art Deco flourished in the East. But, as someone who looks forward, the question I ask myself constantly is, what do my customers want today?” he said. “What I did was choose elements from that period and place, and blend them with my signature style.” The result was a seductive collection steeped in the Armani’s ethos of elegance and refinement: “I think a woman can be far more seductive without showing too much, always with elegance and sophistication.”

Photography courtesy of Armani.

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