Bulgari Kicks Off a Creator Studio in Seoul

It’s the first of many across the globe combining art and jewelry.

When Bulgari, the iconic Roman jeweler invites you on a trip, you say yes and ask questions later. For 140 years, they’ve been a symbol of Italian brilliance, always pushing the envelope when it comes to design and ideas. Allow us to introduce you to Bulgari Studio—a platform where creativity goes wild as Bulgari’s innovation meets the fresh perspectives of today’s most forward thinking minds. How does that translate? Imagine their iconic pieces like the B.zero1 ring, Bulgari Bulgari collection, and Bulgari Tubogas lines getting turned on their heads. Instead of being stuck in tradition for the sake of tradition, the historic luxury brand looks forward, transforming the past into the future via  makeovers by digital artists, designers, and artisans. 

Bulgari Studio kicked off in Seoul, a city that’s become a hub for beauty, fashion, art, music, food and the list goes on. The installation, which is open to the public, is located in the heart of the city at the towering Lotte World Tower. Featuring a fusion of sound and visuals, each moment is inspired by Bulgari’s iconic pieces. One highlight is the immersive Théâtre des Lumières which invited multiple artists to interpret the jewelry in a matter that suited their medium. Featuring the likes of Antoni Tudisco, who took the B.zero1 ring and flipped it upside down and inside out to create a surreal masterpiece that blurs the line between reality and imagination while superstar DJ, Anyma, wove music and visuals into his show. And then there’s Sadeck Berrabah, who choreographed a mind-blowing performance — it’s all about harmony and individuality coming together in one epic show.

And the best part? Bulgari Studio isn’t stopping in Seoul. They’re taking this global, involving creators from all corners of the world. It’s all about breaking down barriers, sharing ideas, and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Bravo Bulgari!

Here’s to dreaming big, looking far ahead, and always embracing the future! 

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