Coperni: Ready-To-Wear AW24

UFO Sighting Report n•27664. Duration: about 13 min, 58 sec. Type of UFO: Monolith. 

Coperni took us to space this season, or rather, brought space to us, delivering a retro-futuristic wardrobe inspired by the cosmos and its extraterrestrial anomalies. Coperni itself was the anomaly in this case, with each look being tagged as a different Venutian ‘sighting’. The first five unfolded as archetypal outerwear pieces transformed into bodysuits. The next three skirts, suits and dresses were made out of white technical transparent organza. Looks were worn with star-soled kitten heels that left cosmic footprints. These were followed by ‘sightings’ of silver foil space-blanket swathed, flying-saucer skirt wearing, Matrix tailoring clad Coperni models who walked around a glowing obelisk to John Williams’ The Conversation from Spielberg’s Close Encounters of The Third Kind. 

Always the innovators, Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant also debuted a new featherlight Swipe bag made almost entirely out of air. This probably sounds like a work of science fiction to the tenderfoot fashion fan, but Coperni has proven itself the vanguard, presenting masterful feats of sartorial, technological and material innovations every season, from a blown-glass handbag to a mini Swipe made out of a meteor. This season’s Air Swipe is sculpted from NASA’s Nanomaterial Silica Aerogel – the world’s lightest solid. Being 99 percent air and only one percent glass, the bag weighs in at just 30 grams. Developed by Professor Ioannis Michaloudis, it’s the largest object to have ever been fashioned out of the innovative material – talk about throwing out the rule book.

The collection closed with an angelic procession with models wearing draped-back black or ivory dresses and haloed by levitating fake fur rings, perhaps mimicking the rings of Saturn. Coperni’s Space Age is just getting started.

Photography courtesy of Coperni.

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