Portrait of an Artist: Michella Bredahl

The Danish photographer and filmmaker’s intimate works are captured in a new show and book.

Portraiture, one of the most intimate forms of photography, is sensitive and beautiful in Michella Bredahl hands. The Danish artist and filmmaker shows us how she reclaims the act with her new book Love Me Again. After being scouted as a model when she was younger, Bredahl decided she wanted to change the narrative of portraiture. Instead of the consistent objectification of women in photography, through her work she celebrates the empowerment of femininity.

How that translates is quiet, engaging photos that came about after she moved to Paris. Bredahl creates images of her “self-chosen family” by capturing them in their most vulnerable, yet relaxed moments. Whether doing personal yet mundane things like opening their medicine cabinets to texting on their beds, through her lens we’re able to see a glimpse into these characters’ personal lives.

To commemorate the launch of her first book Bredahl will be having a signing at Dashwood Books in New York City on November 2nd. For those who want to see her work, she’ll also be exhibiting her photographs in her first solo exhibition entitled Unmade Beds at Shoot the Lobster, a gallery on the Lower East Side. That opens on November 4th. Two events not to be missed!

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