Sacai: Ready-To-Wear AW24

Sacai really said shapes and textures galore for AW24. The Japanese luxury brand, which is helmed by designer Chitose Abe, is renowned for its seamless blend of luxury and streetwear-infused styles, with this season proving why this reputation is so stellar. 

Sending 47 looks down its luminously-lit runway, outerwear was a staple, as it often is. Silhouettes had been chopped, stretched and inflated to create pieces that felt sharp and elevated. Zips and pockets evoked a utilitarian air whilst thick and shaggy knitwear ensured the Sacai customer would be kept warm during the winter months. 

One-piece dressing was a central focus, with shirts, dresses, jackets and coats spliced and stitched together to form singular garments. Artfully layered cuts of fabric cascaded down sides creating a welcome slew of asymmetry. Traditional shapes were melted and moulded to incorporate Sacai’s signature hybridisation, with bomber jackets that slithered into peplums and flight jackets that sported suit jacket sleeves. The palette was predominantly muted, drawing on shades of blue, black, brown and beige interspersed with the occasional pop of colour peeping up above a collar or on a faux-fur trim to keep things playful. Accessories harmoniously elevated each look, with boots that took their form from baggy suit trousers cut mid-way up the thigh and sleek leather clutches finished with glossy metal closures. It was Sacai doing what it does best.

Photography courtesy of Sacai.

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