10 QUESTIONS WITH Alexia Elkaim

The founder of Miaou shares her muses and the unexpected vacation spot to know.


If you ever wondered where to find a pair of low rise leather trousers or a slinky corset, chances are you’ve come across Miaou. Despite having only been around since 2017, the brand has become a cult favorite thanks to its slinky and colorful Y2K-inspired pieces. Founder Alexia Elkaim developed a following and counts celebs like Emily Ratajowski to Kim Kardashian to name as fans. Elkaim, who is French born but grew up in LA, spent time in New York attending Parsons School of Design. Combining those experiences as well as drawing from her family, Miaou is a global lifestyle as inspired by the women in her life, especially her mother. Describing her as “the French Carrie Bradshaw”, Elkaim is quick to say that the women in her life are constantly top of mind when it comes to cultivating the Miaou appeal. For her, designing is intended for someone who knows what they want and is unafraid to seek out their own adventure.

We caught up with Elkaim, who just opened up a Los Angeles-area pop up called L’Appartement, that runs until April 30. She chatted about the movie she wishes everyone would see and where to go, if you need an unexpected vacation spot. Read on for more.


1) Having been born in France, then moving to LA, how has your upbringing shaped your designs? 

Culturally, I grew up French and geographically in the United States. But ultimately I had a very European upbringing. My mom and grandmother are classic French women, and are such big inspirations for me. All my guy friends had such a crush on my mom growing up — she was very much the French Carrie Bradshaw. I always loved how fun and sexy she was. I see so much of myself in them, particularly in the things that they were wearing in the 90s. This inspiration lends to a lot of my own designs. 

2) Who is the Miaou woman and what else does she like in her life?  

She Is adventurous and seeks out experiences including through what she wears. Maybe she’s taking a trip with her girlfriends, maybe she’s flying across the world to meet her crush. She’s definitely a leader in her space and trusts her instincts and gut.

 3) What is one film that you think everyone should watch and why? 

I would probably say True Romance, because it’s just so punchy, romantic, wild, and fun. The costumes and casting are both so great. I find it interesting that Tarantino wrote it but didn’t direct it. Having Tony Scott direct made it softer but also very action packed.

4) What is the most sentimental piece of clothing in your wardrobe? 

Jewelry is the most sentimental thing, since I make clothes and feel almost desensitized to them to some degree. So I’d say it’s probably a ring that my grandma got me. Also since I shop for work, as soon as I buy any amazing pieces they usually go straight to the design room for inspiration. 

5) What are three things that you could not live without? 

My Flume vape, my cat, and my sister. I’m weaning off of cigarettes so my Flume is a big solution for now.

6) What does your beauty routine look like after a long day?

I wash my face everyday with a rice powder exfoliant from Tata Harper and then I’ll P50 my face twice a week. If it’s really cold I’ll put on an Augustinus Bader cream. To top it off I use a red light mask for 20 minutes every night to end my routine. Since I’m in my thirties and surf a lot plus have a bunch of freckles, I try to be super careful with my skin!

Also when I go to Paris I love the Biologique facials. They really go in, check your skin quality, and run tests — amazing! .

7) If you had 24 hours in your favorite city, what would be on the agenda? 

It would for sure be in Paris. I would start my day at my apartment and make myself a quick coffee because you can’t get oat milk lattes anywhere. Then I would head to the flea market in Saint-Ouen and spend my whole day there before a late lunch. To end, more walking around plus a stop for a glass of wine. A very slow leisurely day!

8) What’s the best thank you gift that you’ve given someone or someone has given you?

Probably a playlist — it’s very sentimental and sweet. Another great gift is an ashtray my friend gave me. It’s a vintage Gucci design, which I love. I also love vases and flowers.

9) What’s an underrated vacation spot that you think everyone should know?

Corsica! I’m Corsican and grew up going there. It’s not a place in Europe that people often go to compared to the more popular destinations like Ibizia or Italy, The area feels untouched with amazing food and beaches. Whenever I’m there I’m like Why don’t I come here more? Why don’t I have a house here? 

10) Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I’m in Corsica with my kids and my husband, living a more relaxed and slow paced life. I like being in the United States and it has given me the drive to start my own company. I don’t think that would have been the case if I had stayed in Paris. But looking into the future I want moments of being content with what I have. It’s super beautiful and a big part of what pulls me to Europe.

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