A Look Back At Dame Vivienne Westwood’s Trip To Austria With Andreas Kronthaler

In the wake of Dame Vivienne Westwood’s death, we look back at her 2020 stay with Andreas Kronthaler at their mountain chalet in Austria. Taken from Issue 65 of 10 Magazine. 

As summer 2020 drew to a close, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler headed to their mountain chalet in Austria. The rustic abode, with its new, concrete inner sanctum, lies in the valley Kronthaler grew up in. As a youth, he would often walk past the house and say to himself, “One day I will live there.” Now, he and Dame Viv come here regularly to enjoy the mountain air, read, think and create. This trip, they worked on the brand’s forthcoming SS21 collection, while Westwood wrote more of her manifesto calling for social justice and radical change to the economic system. Here’s Kronthaler’s photo diary of their recent stay.

Save the World – The Big Picture #22 by VIVIENNE WESTWOOD

The Big Picture, Friday, 14th August 2020. I am on the mountain, writing the new manifesto, a step-by-step plan to change the economy to No Man’s Land. No one can own land.

Result: peace and justice, economic justice. End to poverty. The key to this is to stop war, justice for Assange. The two are connected, everything is connected. Save the rain- forest, save the ocean. We are thieves – everything you own, everything you stand for; all your achievement is theft. Because we have stolen land. Result is stop corruption. Rot dollar is dead.


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